You were in gods grand design from the day you were born and this is why you must know your worth for you have a value. You are you and that is the beginning and the end. No apologies, no regrets, love yourself first and everthings else falls into place.

Swami Partha Sarti said:

“All grumbling is tantamount to why is the lily not an oak.”

People are unreasonable in expecting something different from the original nature of an object or being. If you ask the lion to eat grass it will not eat and if you ask a cow to eat flesh it too will not eat. If an african is black and a white man white we ask why. It is ridiculous.

Many times we say “Why is it so hot? Why connot it be winter? “Why is the country of the north star frozen? Why is there no summer season in winter? All acceptance starts with first accepting yourself. I dont have the looks, i am short, fat, poor, etc….. people are crazy. We always have complaints and seem to criticise everthing. The same goes for all of us. We are only one inthe world. Self acceptance opens the door to self betterment. The one for whom acceptance is easy is more motivated than by a frustrated person, who always resists and criticises.
Noticing negative attributes in other is a reflection of your own view of yourself.

Accepting oneself, others and ones circumstances unconditionally is the first step towards the

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