Child –Development

The Upanisads say that not by means of wealth Can man fullfill himself, he requires other dimensions which he has to develop (Physical, vital, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, ethical, and spiritual) if he does not develop them, he will be an unfulfilled being, In the midst of plenty, he suffers from spiritual poverty. We can clearly witness intellectual and spritual bankruptcy all around in our society and the cause of this state is callous attitude and ignorance of the teacher Parents, policymakers about the child and his needs. We forget that this sun-eyed child of God is a soul meant to grow and evolve, that comes to this word with its most subtle, powerfu but senstive and fragile instruments, body senses, mind and intellect and tremendous innate capacities, possibilities waiting to be reached, chissled sharpened and developed to their full potential.
The child learns best when he uses all his powers and strengths therefore, he deserves the best opportunities to expriment and explore himself, Vast spaces, sports field, the labs and lap of nature the trees, the flowers that he can touch and feel, all help him to grow. Stretch his imagination, expand his powers activate his intelligences, but sadly our education system gives preponderant imporance to only those qualities which are relevant for the examination system. Instead of developing wisdom and vision in childen we promt them to cram. Their incredible energy field, mind and intellect, their managment and conservation wait for our attention. We have failed in our duty to teach the lesson well.

Not the essentials but non essentials are given more importance. The best period of early childhood when their senses are keen and energies are fresh, mind is fertile, curiosity is alive, all his power are ready to absorb, retain, register the best words, content the substance, the knowledge of earth and skies, is lost only in learning a language of strangers (English) which has nothing to do with the development of his initial powers and capacities, This god gifted period when learning is the fastest, a network of connection is made, he is left in the confines of pigeon-holed class rooms, where he cannot move or express in the languages of his mother (mother-tongue) which is his basic right, his inner joy, curiosity, his enthusiasm for school, all are arrested and sapped, his wings of imagination are clipped, roots are pulled and he is left with blank * confused mind who is not confident enough to decide what to do and what not to do in life.

In such a situation with this kind of mindset and education, our children remain confused and suffer from confidence deficit . It is the birth night of every child to blossom to his/her full potential.

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