Divine Life

In Sri Aurobindo’s words – “The natural man has to evolve himself into the Divine man, the sons of death have to know themselves as the children of immortality”. Our ultimate aim on this earth is to become Divine. It is possible only when we live divine life. The very first lesson in the divine life (yogic life) is and entails a quiet mind, firm courage and with an entire reliance on the divine shakt. It is by acknowledging our stature as a divin being with divine attributes that we can shun all our lowness, narrowness, shallowness in our thinking and actions, and can live a divine life. Sri Aurobindo said “Man carries the seed of the Divine life in himself”. It is our sacred duty to nourish and nurture these seeds by our noble thoughts and actions, so that they sprout one day and reach their full stature like a banyan tree.

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