Healing of the Soul

Healing of the mind, body and soul start occuring, the moment we turn our gaze inside, transcend our ego, surrender to God, purify ourselves of the dross of our low selfish thought, depression and surrender ourseves to supreme power, Para Brahman through upasana, sandhya, aradhna, meditation, vedic hymns of prayers contain in themselves elements of auto suggestion and self hypnotism that help the aspirant to heal him-self and move upwards creating a sense of nearness to the divine As you chant mantras, pray sincerely the healing starts which occur to every human being at one time or the other. Much of the healing is done with the changing of our negative thoughtforms that attachments, and obstinate babits. We can heal and uproot all our psychological abnormalties and deformities by rising above. “I” in the Higher conciouness, where a secret consciouness (above and below) works for our evolution. Our foremost duty in this lifetime is to purge ourselves of all kinds of impuriteis, decondition ourselves of old habits through deep deliberation on oneself, meditation and forcusing attention on our hidden mind and reach the perfection of our being. If we are able to set aside a few moments everday of our life to think that this world is not ours, that the worldy possesstions are not ours, that there is a supreme anchor.if u with an undivide mind concentrate your attention with absolute sense of surrender on the supreme then. He will be enternaly bound to you Bhagwat Geeta says – “Nitya abhhiyuktam”- your yoga and your Ksema will be borne by Him. If you think of Him, If you concentrate your mind with faith on him he is there by your side, god is never asleep, he is ever awaken, ever vigilant. Whatever may be the deprivation, the difficulty we pass through, Be certain, that there is one eternal companion with you. You are never alone you are always there with someone looking to your deepest interest.

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