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Lieutenant Triveni Singh was waiting for a train when the terrorists struck. He found that the militants had taken position on an over bridge

linking platforms one and two & were firing at the station teeming with pilgrims on their way back from the Vaishno devi Shrine. Lt Singh rushed, to come with in close range of the terrorists. He faced indiscriminate firing & lobbing of grenade by the militants but succeded in killing one of them, the second one threw a grenade while trying to escape, but the seriously injured officer stood up and shot him dead. “Mission accomplished, Sir”, Lt Singh said and saluted his general officer-Commanding before he died.

Mission accomplished but his family at home in Pathankot shattered. Our history books on freedom-fighters replete with soul-stirring, gut wrenching stories of pain & agony that our martyres went through. How many of us realize the price they paid for this freedom that we take for granted.

Some times we really wonder & ask ourselves – Were their bodies made of steel, nuts and bolt? Were their senses numbed? Friends, What was that emotion that prompted them to lay down their lives for their country. It can be nothing but sense of nationalism, their intense love for the country that propelled in them the sense of conviction, courage and dedication for their country that we call Bharat our mother

our मातृभूमि vedas call sach illustrious patriols as mother land’s अमृतस्य पृत्र

“Immortal sons”. Mahayogi, the great nationalist of this century Sri Aurobindo Says

“Nationalism is something that comes from God, it comes to those who
have opened to it, the rare ones, and it is this Nationalism that must assert
itself in every day of national life, inevery thought, every action, & every
fraction of time”.

The sense of nationalism is not an ordinary emotion or a sudden upsurge of euphoria of potriolic feeling that we offen witness during cricket matches, It descends on a person or a group of people as a grace, from the highest realm of God’s Kingdom, our birth on this secred land is not just a chance it is God’s will that we should serve this nation & work for its regeneration, redemption.

Our ‘One Bharat Mission’ believes that a country can progress, develop, evolve only when people of the country are dedicated nationalists to the core, they not only believe in its core values but they live them. One Bharat Mission hailed the decision taken by H.C. of TN on ‘Vande Matram’. Vande – Matram is a song composed by Bankim Chandra Chattergy is not just a song but a Mantra that resonated in the minds & hearts of millions of nationalists and won us freedom.

But strange, there is a section of our population that never relishes an idea that unites Indians and that give them a sense of National Pride & belongingness. It is the attitude that determines your altitude. The recent placement of a Tank in JNU has been made by some anti-india elements an issue of debate. They took it as a move by gov. to threaten the anti-national students & teachers who shouted the slogans– अफ़ज़ल गुरु हम शर्मिंदा हे, तेरे कातिल ज़िंदा हे।

Where as the other section of people took it as a memorial established to pay tribute to our brave – hearts – Attitudinal problem?

I am happy to note that social media is now a days changing the narratives. Our youth is gravitating towards R.S.S., BJP and and towards the truth of India, and observing everthing by being unbiased. They must know Japan and Singapore progressing leaps & bounds, because of their sense of pride in their nation. One taxi – driver who did not take money for his mistake of taking the guest from the long route said that those who drive taxi in Singapore called diplomats ‘ of Singapore without a diplomatic passport every citizen here is on ambassador of his nation.

Citizens must realise that every product of a country that carries the label ‘ made in also carries the respect & dignity of every citizen of that country. True pride in one’s country is demonstrated by making the finest products to the best of one’s abilities.

Having pride in one’s own country does not cannot to the feeling that my country is better then you.

सर्वेभवन्तुः सुखिनः ….. मित्रस्य चक्षुसा … वसुधैव कटुंभकुम define the values of are country – the whole world is one family. All are our friends & all should be happy & peaceful.


– Our values emphasise again & again that nationalist should not be taken in a narrow sance or superficially. Patriotism is our national pride not chauvinism. Without nationalism human progress is not possible.

“Indian nationalism is neither narrow nor selfish. It is inspired by the highest
ideals of the human race, Viz, Satyam (The true) Shivam (the good) Sundram
(the beautiful)

The first step towards nation brinding is the creation of true men and the second step is organisation. Subhash Chandra Bose





Jai Bharat
Shobha Chandla
E-mail: uttrashada9971@gmail.com



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