Principles Of Life

Life without principles is like a body without skeleton. The Highest principle of life as mentioned in our vedas, originated from the Absolute law ‘Rit’ that governs the intire creation of God, the changing seasons, moving cosmic bodies, flowing waters, blowing winds, rising trees, rising fires, the falling leaves, the blooming flowers, gravitating stars and planets tilted rotating earth on its axis, the orbits, the boundaries all are governed by a divine law the law that governs these natural phenomenon govern our life too. If we do anything contrary to our inbuilt mechanism of morality and ethics, our inner law, the nature retailates making our life unhappy. We are bound to suffer in life, if we do anything against the eternal law. Nature wants us to follow the eternal principles of life like truth, integrity, self control, non voilence, justice, surrender to God so that one can live a happy and contented life and live in harmony with the divine nature.

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