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Guru dev says “Every being on this earth is evolving and every fraction of time his ignorance is decreasing and the rays of knowledge are continously becoming brighter. Life can be equated to an electric bulb which is covered by hundreds of layers. If you see the bulb from outside the outetrmost layer the light of the bulb will be dim but as you remove the layers one by one the light from within will gradually become brighter and brighter. You could see the dim light becoming brighter and brighter and when all the layers are removed the bulb shines with all its essence glowing like the midday sun. The illuminated centre of the bulb can be seen from miles around.
In the beginning the being is also covered by layers of ignorance. As he unveils his light by removing layer after layer his light shines out. This is self evolution. After climbing the ladders of incarnations one after the other you tend to evolve as the soul progresses on. Life is the kite of being which ascends higher and higher, its unfurling spindle is in the hands of the great almighty who opens every door and traverses all dangers to reach its final purpose. When he feels he has achieved its complete purpose he lets go of the string and lets it ascend to enternity.
Mental conciousness and inner development is more important than your physical strength. A monkey is considered to be better student, despite being physically weaker than the buffalo due to the higher value of intellect and the subtle powers of the being than the strength of the physical body.
Why man is considered to be the master of all being on earth is only due to the intellect he possesses. The next birth is better than the previous for no man goes back to previous again to attain further knowldege that has not already been gotten for wisdom gained before never leaves the incaranting soul.
This is one reason that we must respect the stature of all people. No being reverts to the previous incarnation. A student of BA will not go back to the 7th grade to take exams when they have already attained the award higher. However when lethergy, mischief or negative traits come in, A student may remain at a point indefinitely but nature has a way of urging a soul on to evolve if lingering in one place too long.
That is why newly incarnations as human beings find it difficult to get rid of the old traits (Sanskars) for old traits including the traits of animals are still hard wired within the memory of the purusha. Thieves and violent people such as robbers and criminals take time to leave their traits behind as their circumstances ensure they have time to ponder their reactions. This is why religious scriptures do not hate anybody. They do not grant us any permission to ever hate anybody. A student of ten standards has no right to hate the student of class three for having less knowledge just as he or she of an advanced spirit has no right to hook down upon anybody in the knowledge that they too will be in their position at some point and that they are simply a little higher up the ladder of evolution.
Far from hating another, you will need to do the maximum to upgrade the child which is what Krishna did to Arjun.
We should always keep in mind that no being reverts to the lower species for whatever knowledge he has accumulated in this birth no matter how seemingly little, will never be forgotten.
Never hate anybody in the knowledge that all is given you according to your perceptions of truth. When one is born with intelligient parents with good genes and adops such genetics to ensure he flourishes, this is a result of good knarma to allow the soul to evolve further.
We should accept circumstances and rise from there. A person who is at the zenith suddenly falls down, will experience for a short period the confiscation of their weapons which allowed them to rise and imprisons them within the rut they have fallen in to. The lord makes them inanimate to ensure they suffer for the sins they have committed while they were animate and give up their old habits.
Only after this will they be able to begin again after their rebirth when they become pure and like a child again. This is after a specified period of punishement. There is an example in Mahabharata where Ahilya became like a stone and had become abandoned to herself for a short period awaiting the touch of the lord to bring her back to a new life.
Only after being freed from the imprisonment can one come back to normal life and enjoy his rights of wealth which was earned in previous incarnations. As soon as her stone life finished he again became Rishi’s wife. Eeverybody has to pass through these small punishements which should not be taken lightly.
When the road to your destination stops there must be rest and contemplation before you again begin to move ahead to a new dawn.

‘Jai Gurudev’


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